Pure Acid: The Chronicles of the Sphinx’s Riddle

Ra on the solar barque
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

The walls of Ancient Egypt are knowledge imprinted in the enigmatic solvent spilt by chance for the next solar flares to occur.

The mysterious nebula of deities worshipped by adepts in cheating death neatly dropped some keys intervening the distinct hieroglyphs. Shall text be read along the sidelines – reverse engineering supports generating the keygens springing at Rosetta Stone period.
The heads of animals, the manlike entities, weird combinations full of symbolism and exotic appealing forms assembled as an acknowledgement of all-encompassing design discovered amid the delicate nature of the Nile.

A little reminder carried through the synth-pop era as well.

Death is everywhere

There are flies on the windscreen

For a start

Reminding us

We could be torn apart


Songwriters: Martin Gore
Fly on the Windscreen lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
Imentet and Ra from the tomb of Nefertari, 13th century BC
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Indeed, death is everywhere while no dread observed in carefully painted contours affixed to venturesome figures planning to move onward.

Who is a big boss down here had taught the flashed feathery predator to be nasty?

Really, WTF?!
A hawk dropped down and took off a pigeons head right in front of me in a matter of seconds, this is all that was left of it.
From Reddit

Likewise a falcon shows no mercy for the weak, a flying brute killimanjaro transmutes the catch into a bitty decapitated carcass within a few seconds.

© Bill Stanley – The Egyptian God Ra

Consequently, the Majestic God Ra’a takes the given life back harshly. To Him, it is the outstanding Super Powers located up somewhere at 12 o’clock and not applicable to the speaking earthlings regarded primarily to human beings. The nearly glaring line tightly sealed between the head and body amongst the envisioned shapes had already captured all the mythological lores ever told through the Sun-deity rendered corresponding to the fractal logic as the falcon-headed awesome personality embodied to a masculine entity.

EGYPT: TENTPERET STELE. The composite god Ra-Horakhty, depicted with the falcon-head of Horus and the solar crown of Ra, accepting the offerings of a woman known as Tentperet, and blessing her with sun rays in the form of flower buds. Painted wooden funerary stele, 900-800 B.C., 22nd Dynasty.

Just a plane image of Ra’a directs to the inevitable conversance of Love. Unstoppable Creator sprays gods, cosmic bodies, beings and etc. Well, clearly, because he is capable of creating anything swiftly and also flawlessly wherever floats his boat without a ripple on peaceful waters of sky blue. Accordingly, He wants to be Loved because He is Great. No fuckups, the harmony in His actions, well-balanced flight over his deeds where Master observing the domains proudly.
Thus Heliopolis based cult was beyond the ordinary ‘pagan’ sense of the universal creation. Writings on the Pyramide’s walls had caged the impossible – an idea of ‘self’.

A Sphinx was a warning not to be like Selfish Jean.

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