Martyr of Coca

Oh my God, what have I done?

(Do it again)

All I wanted was a little fun

(Do it again)

Got a brain like bubblegum

(Do it again)

Blowing up my cranium

(Do it again)

Do It Again The Chemical Brothers

The fundamental law of every psychoanalytic 101 lectures: the figure of Sigmund Freud equals a Real Father of Psychoanalysis; he suffered extreme pain of being enough to be assisted to leave cruel world . His relatives witnessed the cultural aftershock and similarly got into troubles.

A risky one prime psychoanalyst could have died from an overdose triggered by the previously unheard-of white substance he originally dedicated his pioneer works written on and on cocaine indisputably.

The drug, though isolated from coca leaves in the year 1859-1860, was hardly known. Those scientists that were acquainted with it generally considered it worthless and at the same time dangerous. Rumors of its benefits were believed to be based on superstitions of wretched Peruvian Indians, accepted by gullible travelers.


Siegfried Bernfeld, Ph.D.

Freud praised his experience in a little magazine but then realised his mates die and go insane, mentally deteriorated atmosphere tentacles his genuine intentions to help. Complete fuckup. What a catastrophe for the amateurish explorer to see the opposite results of academic misfortune although he sweetened his eccentric actions in 6 kids. That’s a number to stop the blow ultimately and realise the financial slump is going to collapse conjugal life. More money to support the family needed and the right name of his medical and scientific ground not to be besmirched. But worst is yet to come.

snuff said

Cocaine makes the trash talk last forever, lustful and depraved sensations combined with the dull situations, and finally, dirty fantasies, the excruciating pain of gazing abrupt visions then ejected bizarre myths about Oedipal complex remastered.

The refuse to concede the defeat plus survival horror pushed a zealous decision to formulate existential eye-patches as the initial plan for efficient succour: Freud raised a pen like a phoenix. The next discovery he treated carefully as a great gentleman, truly matured Victorian age person from Austria. He declaimed once again his invention as the new approach to cure many hopeless patients through private conversations where emotional prompting are allowed and not resolved as something shameful to share. More importantly, no pills prescribed.

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