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The symbol of Ankh inherited from Ancient Egypt used and abused at any sphere in post-modernity. And that’s not breaking news if it doesn’t seem unusual at first sight to encounter dark horses of pop-music in Nefertiti outfit. But first, Ankh tempted the Egyptologist researchers to scrutinise the origins and possible applications quite thoroughly. Well, the Internet helps it happen to be more entertaining than gruelling excavation below the Middle East sun. Here is the fat of Amazon search rendering full assistance.

What are we supposed to do

C’est une pratique de bavardage.
Aucun bavardage n’est sans risques.

Le moment de conclure (1977-1978)
Jacques Lacan

It’s a chat practice.
No chatter is safe.


Oui, we may safely conclude that Ankh resides as an engaging logo performing plug and play device for the psychoanalytic knowledge defined in best famous quotes by Indiana Jones of Psychoanalysis – Jacques Lacan.

Most psychoanalysts explain poetry by means of psychoanalysis;
for many years Lacan explained psychoanalysis by means of poetry. ‘The symptom is a metaphor.’
‘Desire is a metonymy.’

Rhetoric and Culture in Lacan (Literature, Culture, Theory) by Chaitin


Ok, it’s time to look up the scholarly definitions of
me-taphor and me-tonymy on dictionary.com.


noun: metaphor;
plural noun: metaphors

  •  a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or
    action to which it is not
    literally applicable.   

When we speak of gene maps and gene mapping, we use a cartographic metaphor

  • a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else.

The amounts of money being lost by the company were enough to make it a metaphor for an industry that was teetering


Late 15th century: from French métaphore, via Latin from Greek metaphora, from metapherein ‘to transfer’.


noun: metonymy;
plural noun: metonymies

  • the substitution of the name of an attribute or adjunct for that of the thing meant, for example suit for business executive,
    or the turf for horse racing.


Mid 16th century: via Latin from Greek metōnumia,
literally ‘change of name’.

Now that the love is gone

Beginning a narrative from pinpointing symbol as mentioned earlier and other its implicit embellished representations in Ancient Egyptian’s artifacts just to carry out durable materials for the sharp perception of the topological and mathematical concepts in a Lacanian approach. Furthermore, to clarify the reason why psychoanalysis as a talky practice has landed somehow in Western Europe, so far away from lonesome deserts and sandstorms.

Comparable to laser tag, a breathtaking game (should be noted it is played indoors or outdoors) the psychoanalytic method operates through metaphor as the scheduled offset point in a particular symptom to shoot correctly in sequences of metonymies continually.
Assuredly, it takes some time, but firmly enough psychoanalyst “lodges” pausing till these two poetic tropes tightly merged in a link. These hard chores repeated until the object petit a exposed through the practice of chit-chat (“Une pratique de Bavardage”).

So, when palaver cut and got straight to the aim number one, yeah, the speaking – last but not least, another symptom love is gone, the pain of a-ni-male being talked away, bye-bye, windup.

What does the fox say?

The psychoanalyst is a rhetor (rhêteur):
to continue equivocating
I would say that he ‘rhetifies’ (rhêtifie),
which implies that he rectifies.
The analyst is a rhetor, namely, that ‘rectus’,
a Latinword, equivocates with ‘rhêtification’.

Seminar 25 ‘The Moment to Conclude’ (tr. by Cormac Gallagher)

An example for dummies: two perpendicular textual lines, metaphor and metonymy, for a start, can be sketched on a plane as a crossword outline.

The intersection is the place for a catch.

In the literal illustration above, runs an uncomplicated blending for elementary psychoanalytic schooling, an image of bonding between the two lines to get them upright.

If you begin to feel overload,
you’ll begin to feel what we are saying.

Hive – Ultrasonic Sound
Source: Musixmatch

Indeed, the wacky terms such as ‘symptom’, ‘knowledge’, ‘object petit a’… may disturb some humble opinions on the previous skills of reading and understanding texts formed by schoolhouse methods.

Goind forward may not be the answer…

Maybe I should go back

Hive – Ultrasonic Sound
Source: Musixmatch

So you wanna play with magic

Back on track, Ankh may be operated as a basic element for constructing another symbol equally vital for the world’s perception in Ancient Egypt – the Eye of Ra (or Horus).

The Eye of Ra can be equated with the disk of the sun, with the cobras coiled around the disk, and with the white and red crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt.
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

To discern the system of symbols in Ancient Egyptian past, any portion of wild imagination may help.

Actually, at a closer look, in a direct sense, it is a smart shadow play implied to construct the Eye of Ra’a leaning on the walls. Some particular angle needed depending on the time of day or night also the place of observer matters.

What if some play with black magic practised right now?

Put down to the cauldron the essential parts.

Snake + Disk(s) + Ankh = ?

Extremely amusing to construct these simple rearrangements.
Just like an educational game for kids 3+.

Limestone walls of former glory had clearly captured this flat beat twice: a smaller ball goes to the noose of Ankh, the bigger one to the bird’s body, well-shaped. The visible result is the same – an obtained image of the eye(s) where advanced representations turn later into the Eye of Horus or Eye of Ra’a ahead.

From Lacanian discourse,
these balls redirect to the regal fundamentals of pop-psychoanalysis:
Big Other
(accordingly the Big ball placed in the body)
Little Other in the tiny hole.

Alright, the big fat question brought on the introduced logical chains of analysis evaluated in this long-read post of unrelenting steel of my b-itchy blade: “Why?”.

The psychoanalysis is in the deep shit.

Worldwide crisis

The crisis of social, economic, political thoughts comes along with the rapid global changes ensued in unwanted complications.
Just a brief dive into Search in Google Books for bureaucratic complacency stats.

It transpires that no one gives a flying bug on the psychoanalytic basics referred to ‘metonymy’ or ‘metaphor’ turning page by page in a comfortable position.

One tries to say the truth. One tries to say the truth, but that is not easy because there are great obstacles to saying the truth, even if only because one makes mistakes in the choice of words.

Seminar 25 ‘The Moment to Conclude’ (tr. by Cormac Gallagher)

Saying the ‘truth’ … is impossible, ditto.
A well-known fact that the truth is out there if one’s looking for the signals and proofs. The truth is written on the walls. Moreover, the knowledge(s) scribed, printed, rewritten everywhere

Picture: collectors.com

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