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Lacanian mirror stage theory based on the twisted and inverted logic
and the missing keys for understanding post-structural fundamentals are the ancient Egyptian crafts constructed in the same Klein-bottled, Borromean-knotted topological bitch-mode. 


“The mirror stage is a drama…which manufactures for the subject, caught up in the lure of spatial identification, the succession of phantasies that extends from a fragmented body-image to a form of its totality.” This misrecognition (seeing an ideal-I where there is a fragmented, chaotic body) subsequently “characterizes the ego in all its structures.”

Wikipedia contributors. Mirror stage [Internet]. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia; 2019 Jan 18, 05:32 UTC [cited 2019 Sep 13]. Available from: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mirror_stage&oldid=878981292.

still, the miracle Kingdom of Self

Sure, go back to Ancient Egypt stuff.
The mural paintings in the Nefertiti tomb had captured the perfect logic of subject development in the psychoanalytic sense. The priests relentlessly left some entertaining puzzles and guiding threads for any wandering eye to track the most culturally speculated existential questions.

This wall fragment is a Lacanian mirror in action where the principles of text-deconstruction assembled in post-modernistic fashion. 

Imentet and Ra from the tomb of Nefertari, 13th century BC

Let’s study this subject matter by pieces, well, randomly, in a comfortable way. For such a substantial royal legacy, it’s the best option, really.

The head of a bird and the top of a red ball reached the picture frames. Just two slices, two halves then similar symbolic representations occasionally seen in the hieroglyphs.

The picture is a double-mirror. The starting viewpoint and at the same time hint to this Lacanian device may assist the bird placed like in the photo frame.

Things here have the second part similarly structured by the geometry of a pinhole camera. The mural painting organised is if the viewer, in fact, watching it all through the tiny gap.

Dune – Hardcore Vibes
From: youtube.com

For instance, for a nice start, the inverted and reflected logic functioning as the double-mirror may be investigated in the left corner. The two black halves, the baskets, let them be called in this common friendly system, composed by the plain logic mentioned earlier: from the right side located smaller hieroglyph, from the left, the more prominent form displayed, and a bit more stretched, extended, and finally, as expected, flipped.

Okay, stretched in a sense that it is a reflection of the previous smaller basket. The applied principle is like a soft play in black-white and can be used in both directions; therefore, two halves, these cool baskets, they are never the originals, looped in repetition, reflecting each other, they have none of the original design. Well, here appears the Great Klein’s Bottle again, blessed by the Psychoanalytic Knowledge Base.

Klein Bottle Mark
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

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