Race of Arms: Ultrasonic Sound

Source: hive.bandcamp.com

And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
Revelation 17:10

Source: The King James Bible, Apocalypse of John


History has never been so entertaining. Through long-lasting existence, The Roman Empire had carried few identified capitals – RomeConstantinopleSirmiumNicomediaRavenna. Employing rapid google search, I have just recognized remarkable Sirmium, Nicomedia, Ravenna. Incredible high-tech times.

The tales of Moscow leave exotic customs where the capital of Mother Russia credits to the Third Rome(!), the Russian rumours worth to be precariously considered whether it was an administrative or(?) faithful act of speech facing the advance in power of Ottoman Empire.

So know, pious king, that all the Christian kingdoms came to an end and came together in a single kingdom of yours, two Romes have fallen, the third stands, and there will be no fourth [emphasis added]. No one shall replace your Christian Tsardom according to the great Theologian [cf. Revelation 17:10] […].

Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow,_third_Rome

Well, there’s a Book of Revelations and other significant chains of prophecies. The “de-constructive narrative” may spring as “book also reveals something.” Okay, in the Internets sounds normal to downgrade the mind focus to The X-Files soundtrack theme, the mysteriously fruitful digital era of 1990-s.

In the year of 1999, the Matrix movie has been successfully released. In 2020, the universal meme ‘red or blue pill’ still exists. The correct choice co-exists so I am to set out the semiotics of Matrix in an extremely wild sense.


Usually, the soundtrack list rarely improved. The prohibition on mixing the milky ways does not belong to DJ culture.

From YouTube, the underground sound has got something to tell – Hive – Hip Hop 2023 pt. 1.

Source: discogs.com/fr/Hive-Hip-Hop-2023/release/1754697

The track names are more than just about futuristic noise – T.C. Izlam, Gettin Closer To God, Unified Rebellution, Before Mecca, Runaway, Mysterious.

The reference to the actual period “Before Mecca” indicates that it’s not so easy dealing with psychoanalytic knowledge in hope for the French foundation.

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