Race of Arms: Anxiety

California Mantis (Stagmomantis californica)
Source: Praying Mantis – Patience and Wisdom


When confronted by the ‘event’ designated now by ‘9/11’, Derrida’s immediate response was to address the question of language. ‘I believe always in the necessity of being attentive first of all to this phenomena of language, naming, and dating…Not in order to isolate ourselves in language [contra the ‘Derrida’ myth], as people in too much of a rush would like us to believe, but on the contrary, in order to try to understand what is going on precisely beyond language.

Source: Jacques Derrida: Live Theory by James KA Smith | Oct 20, 2005

I follow the places as usual and still moving on citing. This writing approach I have, such as copy and paste, totally expected from the advanced technologies. We literally live ahead of the Biblical Times of Revelations, and the term ‘post-modern’ may be readily interpreted as ‘post-bible’ which does not imply not study Holy Books. We literally live ahead of the Biblical Times of Revelations due to genuine scientific progress which regularly makes all accounts complicated, involved and wacked.

Limits of patience have to be analyzed on the digital screen blessing cultural legacy for psychoanalytic specialists in law; the limits of artistic Language wherever the violent acts escaped harmoniously in Korean drama, the Parasites (2019).

Second Rome

It’s impressive to consider the social shifts in 2020 AD through the scientific taste of stream quality, and the medical mask can’t cover the lips on Skype group video chat. Well, Ideologies showing no mercy looking for the place of cause

Because if you remember, already precisely in connection with another series of so-called Journées provinciales which were far from having given me as much satisfaction, in connection with which in a sort of inclusion, parenthesis, anticipation, in my discourse of last year I thought I should warn you and project ahead a formula indicating the relation between essential anxiety and the desire of the Other. For those who were not there, I recall the fable, the apologue, the amusing image of it which I thought I ought to present before you for a moment: putting on the animal mask which the wizard of the grotto of the three brothers covers himself with, I imagined myself before you confronted with another animal, this one real and supposed to be gigantic on this occasion, that of the praying mantis. And moreover since I did not know what kind of mask I was wearing you can easily imagine that I had some reason not to be reassured, in the case where by chance this mask would not have been unsuitable for drawing my partner into some error about my identity, the thing being well underlined by the fact that I had added that in the enigmatic mirror of the ocular globe of the insect I did not see my own image. This metaphor preserves all its value today and it is what justifies the fact that at the centre of the signifiers that I put on this blackboard, you see the question which I introduced a long time ago as being the hinge between the two levels of the graph in so far as they structure this relationship of the subject to the signifier which as regards subjectivity appears to me to be the key of what introduces into Freudian doctrine the Che vuoi?, “What do you want?”

1962 – 1963
Translated by Cormac Gallagher from unedited French typescripts

Lacan’s seminar counted as X, the Mysterious Days X in 20th century after such a questionable experience in the infinite cosmic odyssey – the first human in space, and the comeback.

Prehistoric Bee trapped in Amber found in the Dominican Republic
Contributor: H Lansdown / Alamy Stock Photo

Phraseologic dictionaries from the 19th century record other versions of the saying about Kuzka’s mother, such as “to let someone know Kuzka’s mother’s name” or “to learn Kuzka’s mother’s name”.[4]

Source: Kuzma’s mother
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am writing in the English language and exploring the ‘Kuzka’s mother’ and ‘mother of Kuzka’ in Lacanian account, well, which Master? So, if parasites are not always integrated into insects as prayer mantis who needs the Master?

Just what’s the point of all Politics & Social Sciences on Amazon? Humans now are practicing self-isolation and order goods online.

Morphophonemics predictions are so slow.


The fact that ‘Virgin Mary’ in the Hagia Sophia, in Turkey, the Republic of Turkey faces the Homo Sapience origins as a more complicated legend than Adam and Eve, man and woman.

Istanbul, Turkey – June 18, 2011. Virgin Mary and Child Christ, The Apse Mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey on June 18, 2011.

Anxiety 2.0

Mosaic of Gabriel and Allah script in Arabic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
Contributor: Ihsan Gercelman / Alamy Stock Photo
The Egyptian sun god Ra traveled across the sky during the day and through the underworld at night. This tomb painting of the 1200s B.C. shows Ra with a sun disk on his head.
Source: http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Pr-Sa/Ra-Re.html#ixzz6Kjg2StYm

I see many symbolical associations in two pictures above; greater mysteries on God of Moses and God of Akhenaten appeared from the pen.

But above all they absolutely do not speak about something that for Freud seems to be the key, namely, that the God of Moses is the same God as the God of Akhenaton, a God who is supposed to be One. As you know, this is very far from being the case, Yahweh talks all the time about other gods.

Lacan, Seminar 17, 17.6.70 XV 152
Source: Psychoanalysis upside down/The reverse side of psychoanalysis 1969-1970
Translated by Cormac Gallagher from unedited French manuscripts with an eye to the official published version
Sigmund Freud with His Wife Martha, 1885
Contributor: Science History Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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