Race of Arms: Protestantism

I breathe clouds beneath my window
I see rockets in the sky
I feel satellites in limbo
I breathe oxygen up high

Songwriters: Anders Wilhelm Wollbeck / Alexander Bengt Magnus Bard
I Breathe lyrics © Esrange Music

On my laptop calendar, it is supposed to be a lovely Saturday. I am listening to cicadas making noise to my senses, so I am turning on Dj Hive in my room. Where are we? Once a corona crisis hits no way out from doomsday prophecies that there be devious methods to dive to the Master discourse.

Firstly, I know from yesterday post that life is life. Inescapable consequences have turned on feeling lucky mode to search for the afterlife.

Protestant Christianity shares a belief in life after death for everyone. Those who have made peace with God through acceptance and adherence to the teachings of Jesus will live forever in Heaven; those who do not will spend eternity banished from God in a place of punishment. Protestant Christians find comfort in the midst of grieving the loss of a loved one in the idea that the loved one is immediately reunited with other family and friends who were faithful.

Source: Understanding Protestant Christianity, After Life

Secondly, I am resting. The schematic representation taken from Afterlife wiki, Seven-Day Adventists section.

Description: The equation of live and death according to the Biblical creation story
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

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