Race of Arms: Fever in City

The curious situation on China has to make a story move back to a reference method because I have a feeling that the Wuhan city not checked yet totally. A pale horse, a fever has to be carried in the market through the flying mammals, the bats, to be exact.

So right now, I guess Google Translate has to be my right hand.

Fever in Chinese
Source: Google Translate

A rarely used Chinese translation of fever is a tartar horn.

Source: Google Search
Statue of a Chinese deity(?) blowing a horn

Source: 3png.com

It’s unbelievable and wonderful to recognise today how dictionaries differ from each fever on a journey to Asia.

Fever in Hindi
Source: Google Translate
Fever in Armenian
Source: Google Translate

I love to do some casual ‘word hunts’ at Google Translate if not divining the sense of a disastrous corona crisis.  And every time something enigmatic happens playing around with versions and definitions. In conclusion, there’s a definitely unexplainable situation in Wuhan wet market.

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