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Yeah, but this is so boring. Don’t you think that today pornography is irrelevant? It no longer has any charm. You know what I mean? Subversive charm… You get it. What interests me much more is this real-life pornography

Source: “Pornography no longer has any charm” — Part II
Slavoj Žižek on ‘great thinkers’, the future of psychoanalysis and on his favourite porn

Published: 19.01.2018

Everybody wants to go to heaven, so there are ambiguous catchwords on sexuality and the law. As posted earlierprostitution has to be designated in the latest news from Israel on a rape case. And literally, for the sake of corona-virus vaccine, the importance of taboo has sense in the world society experiencing an enormous surge of anti-epidemic measures.

In 2018 (the latest year for which statistics were available), only 3.3% of the rape cases reported to the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel were gang rapes. Less than 10% of rapes in Israel and the West are perpetrated by people the victim does not know. While the alleged Eilat attack is unusual in fitting into these categories, it also shines a spotlight on all sexual violence against women in Israel.

In most gang rapes in Israel, the perpetrators are teenagers. Some 63% of group felony rape involves males aged 12 to 18, while 37% are committed by adults.

“We know these things… happen every once in a while and occur more frequently during the summer when everyone is on vacation,” says Michal Gera Margaliot, executive director of Israel Women’s Network.

Source: Eilat gang rape case brings Israel sexual violence out of shadows
The Media Line |
Published: 08.29.20 , 23:34

All inclusive

For now, the crime scene merely points out to some changes made in the law regulating prostitution to show sexual violence in Language itself and, as anticipated by Jacques Lacan, playing around with word-order, the LaLangue also.

Prostitution in Israel is legal, but the purchase of sex and organised prostitution in the form of brothels and pimping are prohibited.[1] Legislation passed in the Knesset on 31 December 2018 that criminalises the “clients” of prostitutes came into force in May 2020 [2], and was regulated since July 2020 under the Israeli Abolition of Prostitution Consumption Law, where fines will be cast for consumption of prostitution services from an adult [3]. This legislation makes Israel the tenth country to adopt the “Nordic model“.[4] The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services estimates there to be 14,000 prostitutes in the country.[4]

Source: Prostitution in Israel
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A follow-up study of the recent Knesset news brought to a cat. The vaccine research to be continued.

Knesset cat dinning area
(Photo: Amit Shabi)
Sourse: Cats of Knesset get pawliamentary immunity
Ilana Curiel | Updated: 08.31.20 , 17:34

As for the variations with the LaLangue in my blog, the devious methods have to prove the psychoanalytic future in-Law.

Lalangue” is at least partially outside of language laws (a topic examined by J.C. Milner). Yet, “lalangue” is not a language: Lacan reverts to Dante’s love poems and what he sees as a failure to create a new language.

Source: Lalangue” in Questions
Dominique Simonney
In Essaim Volume 29, Issue 2, 2012, pages 7 to 16

The psychoanalytic methods are meant to be devious because I have only looked up at news publish date using Google search. There is nearly vital sense to correlate WHO disease outbreaks by year with the relatively progressive and not so recent abstract on ‘Lalangue’. The novel corona-virus infection has to unveil the year of 2012 for further questions on existentialism.

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