Race of Arms: Origins

On the Names-of-the-Father 1st Edition
by Jacques Lacan (Author)

I would like to remember the names. 

Djibouti sounds easy.

However, let’s have some trip to Africa.

Map of the Obock Region.
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Africa is big. 

There were times where black pharaoh ruled. So, for now, countries Sudan, Niger, Nigeria and etc. have exact names, really.

Obock Region

Town names must reveal something serious, an unavoidable toponymic advantage of consonants has to show more than just African birthplace of human beings.

There are names from the map: Daddato, Eritrea, Dalale Daba, Ibira, Orobor, Khor Angar, Bab-El-Mandeb.

The logical links such as b-r, kh-r, t-rm-n and d-d-d, b-b should lead to some psychoanalytic knowledge. 

Comment section

The power of YouTube and Wikipedia come together. The comments are beneficial for tired eyes from general lexica.


These are thesame lineage with real egytians, ethiopians and nubians


Beautiful. They look and share similarities with my Jaluo tribe, unsurprisingly. Cattle herdlers just like us! Thousands of years ago, we were all united as the true indigenous descendants of Egypt/Nubia. They like the Hausa were or family who travelled westwards during the migrations. Glad to see the cultural preservation of the Fulani. Wish my tribe could do more of the same. Love and peace from your Nilotic cousin from the East 🙂

Why not some belief in Language path, in my way.


Wodaabe religion is largely Islamic (mixed with pre-Islamic beliefs).[11] Although there are varying degrees of orthodoxy exhibited, most adhere to at least some of the basic requirements of the religion.[12] Islam became a religion of importance among Wodaabe peoples during the 16th century when the scholar al-Maghili preached the teachings of Muhammad to the elite of northern Nigeria. Al-Maghili was responsible for converting the ruling classes among Hausa, Fulani, and Tuareg peoples in the region.[1]

The code of behavior of the Wodaabe emphasizes reserve and modesty (semteende), patience and fortitude (munyal), care and forethought (hakkilo), and loyalty (amana). They also place great emphasis on beauty and charm.[13]

Parents are not allowed to talk directly to their two first born children, who will often be cared for by their grandparents. During daylight, husband and wife cannot hold hands or speak in a personal manner with each other.[4]

Source: Wodaabe
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wodaabe boy and his cows
Contributor: Liba Taylor / Alamy Stock Photo
Bas-relief portraying Amenhotep IV (Pharaoh Akhenaten, circa 1360-1342) and Nefertiti. DEA Picture Library / Getty Images
Source: Akhenaten: Heretic and Pharaoh of New Kingdom Egypt

I privately guess that the facial similarities still remind of pharaohs’ dynastic custom in Wodaabe culture.

Chains of wisdom


It’s important to note the historical fact that the pharaoh Ramesses II ruled after Akhenaten’s ‘reforms’.

The enthroned Thoth writes with brush and scribal palette, assisted by Ramesses II who holds a water pot and writing kit. As scribe of the gods, Thoth recorded long reigns for the Egyptian kings.
Temple of Ramesses II Abydos.
Source: Thoth: Ancient Egypt’s Most Mysterious, Highly Venerated God Of Knowledge And Writing

The zoomed picture resembles the modern Arabic script, mirrored alphabet on the left arm.

Picture 1. Thoth and Alphabet


Picture 2. Alif
File:Arabic Alif.gif


Picture 2. Ba
File:Arabic Baa.gif

B – baboon

God Thoth associated with the amusingly walking ibis bird and an extravagant creature baboon. Baboon as the name helps to see the writing system and approach to separate pre-Islamic beliefs in Sub-Saharan Africa from old-fashioned Ancient Egyptian mythology constructed under the influence of some Axis Powers, well, ironically observed through the size of Great Pyramid of Giza.

Luxor, Egypt. Temple of Luxor (Ipet resyt): the god Toth carved on a statue of the king Ramses II (1303-1212 b.C.)
Contributor: Magica / Alamy Stock Photo

V – Vision

Hearing the music is just like
seeing the colors of trance
and feeling the power of acid

Artist: Kai Tracid
Album: Trance & Acid
Released: 2002
Genre: Trance

The oedipal complex as pre-diagnosis, as pre-mystical belief, a combination of scientific and metaphysical methods, dangerous methods.

When vision goes slightly haywire in ecstasy, something is seen and conserved through times. Sigmund Freud had discovered uncanny. So, what about ceremonies where uncanny was worshiped, and access to knowledge was nearly constant; African continent, as the birth of anxiety, the vocation to the promised lands.


Picture 3. Teeth

The fancy necklace made of teeth has to mimic a simple question on which teeth and so on and so on. I know, my pen style is always touching the existential problems so I am about to recall how the prevailing world view could be moulded without post-colonial disgrace of the European philosophy, the trap of white guilt of nowadays in 2020.

Hive – Implantation
Super classic hard dnb mix from San Fran’s Hive. Released in 1998, this was limited to roughly 50 copies and features an insane tracklist of badass dnb classics from Dylan, 3D, Snuggles, Dillinja, Panacea, Jonny L, One Drop, Technical Itch, Pure Instinct, Ed Rush & Optical, The Chemical Pilot, D’Cruze, Genotype, R.A.W. & E-Sassin, Absolute Zero & Subphonics, Grasscutter & Extra Breaks, and Future Forces.

It is not a coincidence nor the theory of conspiracy. The Ancient Egyptian path of ‘after-life’ was eager to know; why speaking?

Edited online on pxlr
Relief of the Egyptian God Horus on the wall of the first pylon at the Temple of Philae in Egypt
Contributor: DE ROCKER / Alamy Stock Photo
Edited online on pxlr

B – Bes

The reason of this paragraph is to show Language Limits and ‘reestablish’ the political purpose of Lacanian act of public seminars.

De Agostini / C. Sappa / Getty Images

Bes may have been an imported Egyptian god, possibly of Nubian origin. Bes is depicted as a dwarf sticking out his tongue, in full frontal view instead of the profile view of most of the other Egyptian gods. Bes was a protector god who helped in childbirth and promoted fertility. He was a guardian against snakes and misfortune.

Source: 15 Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Bes or Bisu

The pop-goddess Ishtar has “full frontal view” which mainly contributed to Sumerian origin.

The “Burney Relief,” which is believed to represent either Ishtar or her older sister Ereshkigal (c. 19th or 18th century BC)
From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Well, from the Bes picture teeth in the ears are extremely visible, fixed tightly.

Language Origins

Let’s admit that Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung, contributed to psychoanalysis in his cool theory of archetypes.

In theory, Jungian archetypes refer to unclear underlying forms or the archetypes-as-such from which emerge images and motifs such as the mother, the child, the trickster, and the flood among others. History, culture and personal context shape these manifest representations thereby giving them their specific content. These images and motifs are more precisely called archetypal images. However it is common for the term archetype to be used interchangeably to refer to both archetypes-as-such and archetypal images.

Jungian archetypes

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For many, it seems unclear also why I am stressing on revelations and psychoanalytic knowledge because working with artifacts is about seeing and anticipating how Language reveals, considering the uncanny through space and time.

Race of Arms: Uncanny

Jealousy and mercy

Sometimes seeing back to the ancient artifacts left unused is about to bring incredible good noise.

I think that these figures show the first race of arms on our high-priced rocking planet Earth. Bet the first pandemonium also began at formally acknowledged as ‘biblical times’, old-school times.

Yet divine figures may look alike, and the narrative is going to have the scent of any theory of conspiracy told on a pseudo-scientific conference.

The “Burney Relief,” which is believed to represent either Ishtar or her older sister Ereshkigal (c. 19th or 18th century BC)
Horus stelae 332–280 BC

Uncanny as an act of mercy

The story gets more complicated. Here, I badly want to move the attention to divine body trends and put historical backgrounds to the arena of the psychoanalytical court. Firstly, the author of these cool punch lines is a psychoanalyst, secondly following Lacanian and consequently the Freudian accounts. 

The “psychoanalysis” befalls not just from about some biblical Moses unsealed by Sigmund Freud in his trip to Egypt or profound studies of perversions in western cinematography – there are archaeological findings. Oh, praise upon the Lacan’s interest in topology and algebraic abilities!

At this point, I am turning the blogging page to the hearts of anxiety.

Lessons of Inversions

Searching for the truth, the symmetry in the shapes to come in natural. Why should care on the previous authorship once the sizes of the Akkadian Empire exposed in the breast cup? Jungles were genuinely massive.
Say no more words on the Babylonian Empire yet is any empire. The intentions to show the value of angle and language pronounced dead as Akkadian.

My concerns

What has left the large legacy for the Queen of Night? The palms above structured in reflecting mode. 

Mirrors, welcome.

Topology is essential to understand the role of uncanny.

All Saints: Masters of Hardcore

Psychoanalysis, remastered, encored une fois

A hero of Frenchcore, Jacques Lacan, was engrossed in the studies of ‘sanctity’ which paved the way to narratives on enjoyment at Catholic worship services, well, in simple terms, Western Culture in general.

But for the HADEWIJCH in question,  for Saint Therese, finally let’s say  the word … and then besides you have to go to look in some church in Rome  the statue of BERNIN – to understand right away  … well what:

 she enjoys, there is no doubt!

Encore 1972 – 1973 (via GoogleTranslate)
Christian Enjoyments are all about feelings

Additionally, these obsessive, best cold served customs have diminished to slogans ‘Enjoy’, ‘Real’ then later remastered the uncomplicated version as it should be more apparent for devoted Coca Cola consumers to ‘Make it Real’ entirely have afflicted the global village.

The Zizek’s Side of Enjoyment

Just wow, it is fantastic to observe an incredibly prevalent tendency to discuss films (mostly art-house, aha), and occasionally some bestselling novels – all the excellent products of modernity among the experts, philosophers, wanna-be intellectuals performing with successful tools utilized nearly like a professional orison to empower the Lacanian Trinity: Real, Symbolic, Imaginary.

Most respected comrade, circulated through social pro-left media, a perverted puppet for communists, still declaiming head, Slavoj Zizek has become a mild example of a surplus-enjoyment abuser.

All saints, shine

A saint person genuinely believes they can solely speak for any God blessed topics and change the world for the better; the deeds are for the public good. In effect, an individual, a subject of the speech, chiefly articulated. Gradually here goes the cumulative loss of body control, depression, transgressions to corrupted condition… Faithless we, conclude that these subject-ruining upshots come as one unmanageable logic applied to the physical world which prompts the challenging task to be consistently enthusiastic and stay active on the move all day as freshly canonised Mother Theresa did in third countries. Besides, each non-profit charity organisations stumble upon the local outrage mixed with ignorance towards its legitimate members.

‘These arms lack a purpose
Flappin’ like a humming bird’

In the perestroika period, back in USSR, Tetris plays you, so, for illustration, let’s pick up an active protestant way to express the sublime logic of ‘self’ seen in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Great Maker vocalises you to utter some sayings in the name of Saviour. Once again, addressed for dummies stuck in history lessons, it is easier to explain the psychoanalytic foundation in the fashion of dunking some ancient Egyptian myths into strong-brewed Lacanian apparatus: Creator Ra’a articulates you which is impossible to deal in real life.

C’est impossible.

the bird is the word, so Creator Can’t Speak
may echo the ‘birb’ instead

Holy Martyrs of Love, therefore they are exclusively called Martyrs in this spiritual sense, appear to be extremely radical Masters of the Faith. They did hard duties – showing that the Creator is real (some particular actions not for the faint of heart). Yes, Martyrs suffered for us, so we do not need, honestly, to follow blindly those uncommonly long hard roads to witness real names and feats, encountered in theological manuscripts written by Saints and Doctors of the Church. They practised risky elements of Love, then some reflections of it further stayed on the icons, coverings of temples’ walls.

Vater unser, the Father never to be seen

Faces of various emotional specter displayed in the late period of Christianity, realistically sculptured angels, stained glass, vivid frescoes, gleaming altars – there are no limits for enjoyment. Symptoms, immense cosmos of flags on the suffering flesh curled into a knot of pain.
And at the present time, they are celebs, Sufferers of Screen-land. American Hollywood is an asylum for innovative personages.

No limit for any enjoyment, when the One is the 2

Walking on the great minds is dangerous, the books may seduce, corrupt the lives and even great nations too.
Not a post-structural shock that the text is everywhere now, and that’s why psychoanalytic knowledge may profit from University discourse. For a start, the Matrix movie is a brilliant piece of art to lacanyze the splendid script of Chemical Sisters.

I won’t lie to you, Neo. Every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an agent has died.But where they have failed, you will succeed.


Anxiety doesn’t lie,

In the psychoanalytic construction scene, surely, you will, moreover are obliged to fucking succeed otherwise you are stupid therapist normie, but most martyrs of post-modernity will stay entangled with symptoms although very productive if carefully dressed, treated a little bit gently then.

He thought he was going insane, so he turned to undergo analysis with none other than his good friend, Jacques Lacan. Sartre said the two of them together concluded that the crabs were symbolic of his fear of loneliness.

9 Insane Stories from The Lives of Famous Existentialists, – Zachary Siegel
nuff said

There are symptoms not to be overexposed, many analysands are saints nowadays. Okay, fine, some pain still remains for the martyr of art. Don’t touch the existential wound too much as Lacan did with the drugged subject.