Race of Arms: Fever

English: Fragment of a tomb relief showing a funerary ritual scene. It depicts meat-offering of the “opening of the mouth ceremony”. Late 18th Dynasty. From Egypt. The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, London. With thanks to the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL.

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I am easy going with symptoms, sometimes checking up online the first symptoms confirmed as a threat to well-being. Finally and hopefully, there should be some healthy fear left for this upcoming academic year.

Common question

Which are the first symptoms of the coronavirus disease?

The virus can cause a range of symptoms, ranging from mild illness to pneumonia. Symptoms of the disease are fever, cough, sore throat and headaches. In severe cases difficulty in breathing and deaths can occur.

Jan 31, 2020

Source: Updates on Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The fever has had to appear and occur too.

Source: Google Translate

Staying home for safety measures to translate a word in Hebrew and looking at examples on Google Translate just to clarify my idea on what happened. I suggest going back on how to surmise and read the WHO disease outbreaks by year lists.

Source: Google Translate

Okay, the last example is ‘African equine fever’. What is known that, officially, the WHO report on 5 January 2020 informed on “Pneumonia of unknown cause – China.” By the way, the recent Hong Kong protests kicked forward. Seeking for therapy sessions, the corona crisis has worked against the poisonous saying ‘everything is manufactured in China’. 

What happened

An intriguing film that unravels the myth of Nigeria’s Hyena People, who arrive in towns wrapped in rock pythons, with hyenas in chains and with trained monkeys turning somersaults. Some believe that they are part animal and possess magical powers. The reality is that they are travelling minstrels earning money by performing with animals. This examines the clash between the urban and the wild, and the paradoxical relationship that the handlers have with their animals – sometimes loving, sometimes brutal and cruel.

The absolutely crazed video on YouTube published on 5 January has got something to reveal. I have been kept living lucky to find a funky source of opening the mouth ceremony. The guys in Nigeria are exceptionally ominous to perform weird things on the public. 

From Youtube: The Mysterious Animal Gangs Of Nigeria | Hyena Men | Real Wild

There are many stupid questions. What if a snake bites the monkey? Monkey holds monkey sees?